Interesting Facts About Tennessee

  • The only monument in the United States honoring both the Union and Confederate armies is located in Greenville at the Green County Courthouse.
  • The first guide dog for the blind in the U.S. lived in Nashville with her owner Morris Frank. “Buddy” was trained in Switzerland by The Seeing Eye, the first organization to train guide dogs.
  • On October 7, 1916 Georgia Tech beat Cumberland University in a football game by a score of 222 to 0.
  • More Civil War battles were fought in Tennessee than in any other state except Virginia.
  • Samuel Carter of Elizabethton was the only person in American history to be both an Admiral in the Navy and a General in the Army.
  • The Grand Ole Opry in Nashville is the longest continuously running live radio program in the world. It has broadcast every weekend since 1925.